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International community resilience practitioners

We have had many years of experience with community-based disaster risk reduction programmes in a variety of international contexts.


We has developed and implemented community-based disaster response and resilience programmes in locations around the globe since 2003. We have trained Community Emergency Response Teams in 8 countries, trained CERT instructors in 5 countries, and assisted with the creation of Community Emergency Hubs, in addition to other resilience projects.


Our founder and director, Paul Cull, is a Certified Emergency Manager with the IAEM, holds an Adult and Tertiary Training qualifications, and obtained a Master of Emergency Management degree with Distinction from Massey University. He has also taken many short-duration courses including the FEMA CERT Train-the-Trainer and Programme Manager on-site courses.


We believe that communities hold the keys to their own disaster resilience strategies, and are committed to adapting and contextualising existing programmes to the local condition or, where appropriate, developing completely new DRR strategies that are in alignment with the needs and capabilities of the local community.

Providing tools for ongoing capability development

We believe that true disaster resilience is the result of practical programmes that meet existing needs and are owned by the community. Although the initial implemention of these programmes and subsequent training of local instructors and master-trainers is often accomplished through short-term projects, the ultimate goal of all our CBDRR initiatives is to provide the communities with tools that they can use to continue to strengthen and develop their capability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disaster and emergency situations.

Meet Paul

An experienced and qualified emergency management and community resilience professional

Paul Cull


Paul Cull has worked in community development and disaster risk reduction initiatives since 2003. He holds a Master in Emergency Management with Distinction from Massey University, the NZQA Adult and Tertiary Teaching certificate, and is a Certified Emergency Manager through the International Association of Emergency Managers.

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